Ashley Harland

Bed Rest Doula

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

With a passion for creating a space where others feel heard, loved, safe, and respected, Ashley naturally fell into the doula role before knowing its name. Although she is a ProDoula trained Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, she believes personal experience is what helps us connect to others. She believes that when we are supported we can thrive. She has experienced the isolation of new motherhood and also the loving support of a postpartum doula after the birth of her last child, so she can provide exactly what’s needed through the transition of growing your family.

In addition to her ProDoula training and Breastfeeding for Birth Workers training, Ashley has spent much of her life building an eco-friendly farm, homeschooling her children, mentoring special needs adults, and doing birth & family photography. This provides insight to her desire to constantly expand her knowledge and skills.

Each of her four children were such a unique experience – from hospital birth to home birth, natural and induced, formula and breast, single and married and all that is between – she has the ability to be open to the truth that there isn’t a right way, only your way. She wants to connect with you using her personal experience, formal training, and various resources to explore what that is together.

Ashley lives with her family in Muskegon. Hiking, kayaking, and camping are a few ways she takes time to appreciate what nature offers and how it provides balance in life, remembering everything is an opportunity to observe and learn.

Ashley H of Gold Coast Doulas poses with her arms crossed in front of a blue curtain