Kristin Morter

Bed Rest Doula

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

As a daughter of a NICU/Postpartum nurse, Kristin was always passionate about babies and postpartum recovery. She loved when her mom would share stories from her long nights at work serving new mothers and caring for newborns. That love lead her to pursue a career in child development, care, and education. She has an Associates in Early Childhood development from Cornerstone University and has spent the past 18 years working in childcare as a private nanny, day care provider, preschool teacher and night nanny. She also has experience working with multiples.

As a mother of four children, Kristin knows how overwhelming it can be bringing new babies into an already busy home. When she and her family moved to Denver, Colorado she learned about postpartum doulas and instantly knew that this job was for her. Kristin is a trained postpartum doula through CAPPA. She is an Elite Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula and Elite Certified Labor Doula through ProDoula.  Kristin is VBAC certified through VBAC Academy

Kristin is very passionate about helping families feel at peace as they welcome their new members into their homes. She loves being able to support the family as a whole. Kristin has a servant’s heart and is always ready and willing to meet families where they need to be met.

Kristin lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and kids. She loves camping, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Kristin now offers baby registry consultations.

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Kristin is very knowledgeable, great with babies and made me and my husband feel comfortable. We trusted her with our baby.
Kristin exceeded our expectations. We looked forward to her time with us and were oftentimes relieved when Kristin arrived.
Birth Support
Kristin has been amazing with the twins and was a huge comfort the day I came home from the hospital.
Kristin was helpful in teaching me all the little and big things I had questions about in the first few weeks of my son’s life.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I now recommend Kristin and doulas to anyone going through the birth and newborn experience. My husband agrees.
Birth Support
Kristin helped us sleep by offering overnight support!
I absolutely loved our doula, Kristen. I felt so comfortable having her here overnight and watching our newborn. It felt like having a family member in our home. She was kind and informative and let us rest through the night. It was magical for our family to have that rest.
Kristen Dufty
Outside of showing us ways to get labor going--Kristin provided a lot of emotional support and I am so grateful. We ended up having two inductions and the last induction was intense. Kristin gave us so many positive words and provided so much comfort.
Birth Support
Lisa and Kristin were absolutely amazing!!! I had a positive, empowered and healing birth experience and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be this way without their support, encouragement, nourishment, care and involvement. I’m glad we choose them to be part of our birth team. They exceeded our expectations.
Montserrat Rosales Osoria
One of the best decisions I made when preparing for the birth of our third child was to find a doula to support me and our family. Having Kristin come to help care for me and our baby post delivery was like a shining ray of light. Having her support helped me feel more rested, more confident, and supported in becoming a mom of three. I hope more families will consider doula care for the postpartum period, it's such a gift to yourself.
Julia Swenson
Working with Gold Coast Doulas (specifically Kristin M. and Endira) was a game-changer following the birth of our second child. My mental health improved because I felt supported while I was parenting alone and adjusting to having 2 children. I believe a postpartum doula's support is one of the most important investments you can make as you and your family adjust.
Kristina R.
Kristin M was exactly what and who I needed when I came home from the hospital- knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and calm. She assured me things were normal and talked me through solutions based on what was right for me and my son.
I went into this pregnancy knowing that I would want postpartum doula support, specifically for nights after we brought our first baby home, and I could not be more pleased with Gold Coast. As a first time mom, I honestly had no idea what I was doing 🙂 Our Doulas - Kaytlyn, Kristin M., Mia & Kay felt like having your best friends help you out overnight that also happened to be baby experts. Postpartum can feel like such a lonely and isolating time, and they truly made me feel like I had a great support system around me and that I could get through anything (and we did have some challenges with our little girl early on). I can not thank the girls enough for their support and knowledge - I couldn't have done it without them!!
Kristin M was amazing - she went above and beyond for our family from the start! While I was recovering from a C Section, she helped me with infant sleeping/feeding, chores around the house, and postpartum support.
Lauren B.
I had only one doula, Kristin, as my postpartum doula. As someone who has used birth doula services but not postpartum doula services before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I just knew I needed more help with now two at home. Kristin exceeded expectations. On days she was here she helped with breakfast and lunch including clean up, and then did all infant care for me. Including holding our son for all of his naps as he would only nap 30 minutes in a bassinet. This allowed me to have such meaningful one on one time with my toddler to help her adjust. When I breastfed our son, she would play with my daughter as well so she wouldn't be left out. We originally had planned to only have Kristin for 8 weeks but we quickly extended that to get my son to 6 months when he was more able to sleep on his own and overall was easier. She was also so willing to do our grocery pick up from our local Meijer when we did to go orders. Saving us a trip with having to get two kids in car seats.
Collette S.