tired as A MOTHER

Three age-specific sleep classes from newborn through toddler

Alyssa Veneklase, Certified Elite Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant, offers a series of three sleep classes – Tired As A Mother.

These classes are virtual and people can work with us from anywhere in the world. Each class is $50 and includes handouts, videos that you can watch at your leisure, and a live monthly call with Alyssa to answer questions and talk through specific scenarios.

Alyssa wants to help your family understand the importance of sleep for parents and babies, understand how sleep works for your child, learn your child’s cues, and learn how to respond accordingly.

*Please note, if you’ve taken Alyssa’s Newborn Survival Class or are a student in the Becoming a Mother series, you do not need Pregnancy / Newborn Phase class. Register now for one, two, or all three classes!  

Pregnancy/Newborn Phase


This class should be taken by mothers during pregnancy or early postpartum. Alyssa talks about healthy sleep habits, the importance of getting yourself into a healthy sleep routine before your baby arrives, and how to maintain optimal sleep after your baby arrives. She also talks about expectations for sleep and feeding during the newborn phase.

Admission: $50.

3 – 6 Months


In this class, Alyssa covers how sleep drastically changes for your baby at this age. You will learn about routines that work best for your baby, how to follow your baby’s cues, how to change nap schedules during these three months, and how to optimize your own sleep during these developmental changes.

Admission: $50.

7 - 12 + Months


If you’ve taken the first two courses, this one will guide you through the rest of your baby’s sleep stages into the toddler years. If you haven’t taken the other classes and are just starting with this one, Alyssa will help you understand sleep cycles for children, what circadian rhythm is, and how to best implement healthy sleep habits with older babies and children.

Admission: $50.

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