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Supported: Your Guide to Birth and Baby

Birth and Baby Experts Launch Empowering Book for Modern Moms

Introducing a New Book

Supported: Your Guide to Birth and Baby gives modern families information and resources to confidently prep for pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.

Elite Certified Doulas, Kristin Revere and Alyssa Veneklase believe that planning for baby needs more focus than planning a baby shower. The authors share expert insight on topics related to pregnancy prep, building your dream team of support, navigating parental leave, caring for multiples, budgeting for baby, infant feeding, prioritizing sleep, and much more.

Birth and postpartum stories from past clients are sprinkled in along with practical doula tips in each chapter.

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What's inside the book

Chapters covered

Part I

Pregnancy and Birth Prep

Part II

Baby Prep and Setting Yourself Up for Postpartum Success

About the Authors

Kristin Revere

Kristin Revere, MM, CED, NCS is an Elite Certified Birth Doula and an Elite Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist. She is also a Childbirth Educator and Newborn Care Specialist. She is the owner and founder of Gold Coast Doulas and co-host of the Ask the Doulas Podcast. Kristin’s work has appeared in First Time Parent Magazine. She lives with her family in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Alyssa Veneklase

Alyssa Veneklase, CED-PIC, NCS is an Elite Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and Newborn Care Specialist. She is co-host of Ask the Doulas Podcast. Her work has appeared in First Time Parent Magazine. Alyssa and her family live in East Grand Rapids, Michigan where she practices as a real estate agent.

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Meet the authors

June 22


Once Upon a Child

Traverse City, MI

The book signing event that includes a sleep Q&A with Alyssa Veneklase - Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant.