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Kristin Revere is a woman who has always had a passion for supporting other women, both personally and professionally. In college, Kristin served on the Executive Committee of her sorority and organized events on campus related to breast cancer and other women’s issues. She later facilitated nonpartisan political trainings for female candidates and volunteered for many nonprofits focused on women’s issues. Kristin firmly believes in the power that lies within a woman and has spent her life drawing it out of the women she surrounds herself with.

After the birth of her daughter in 2011, a new passion awoke within her. Kristin began reading and studying birth from all perspectives, philosophies, and medical approaches. She joined organizations like the Healthy Kent Breastfeeding Coalition and used her event coordinating skills to build and promote the organization and create community awareness.

Kristin’s research led her to learn about doulas, and in 2012 she hired doulas herself for the support of her second birth. The level of compassionate care and comfort that she received from her doulas ignited a spark within Kristin that led her to the path of becoming a doula herself.

She earned her certification and began teaching Sacred Pregnancy classes in 2013, but as you’ll see Kristin is a firm believer in achieving the highest level of education available when providing a service. Shortly after, she earned the following credentials.

  • Certified Sacred Doula in 2014
  • Certified Elite Labor Doula through ProDoula in 2015
  • Certified Elite Postpartum and Infant Care Doula through ProDoula in 2016
  • Trained in Spinning Babies in 2020
  • Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Solutions
  • Mothership Certified Health Service Provider
  • Certified VBAC Academy Pro
  • Certified Transformational Birth Coach through Birth Coach Method
  • Certified Pregnancy and Infant Loss Advocate (PAIL) 2022
  • Certified Gift Registry Expert through Be Her Village 2023

Kristin’s main passion as a birth and postpartum doula is to offer women and families resources, unbiased support, and understanding. Kristin is a listener, a friend, a confidant, an expert, and women intuitively feel stronger in her presence.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Central Michigan University and a Master of Management in Marketing from Aquinas College. Kristin is the host of Ask the Doulas Podcast. Her writing has been featured in Rapid Growth Media and First Time Parent Magazine. Kristin was selected as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan by the Grand Rapids Business Journal in 2016 and in 2022.

Kristin and the rest of the Revere Clan, which includes her husband, her step-daughter, and her two children, live in Grand Rapids and can be found taking in the sights at local art galleries, parks, music concerts, and community events.

Kristin now offers baby registry consultations.

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I would not have been able to make it as far as I did if it had not been for Kristin…no if’s and’s or but’s about it. I had the most intense back labor that made labor excruciating. Kristin knew exactly what to do – she applied counter pressure to my back, requested a birth ball for me to roll around on to try to turn baby, and helped Matt (my husband) to know what he could do to help. Honestly, we would have been absolutely LOST without her.
Alexa L.
From the moment we met Kristin we felt comforted and at ease. Throughout the whole pregnancy and birth those feelings of peace resided. Whenever we met to discuss our birth plan and other things Kristin was full of helpful ideas gained through her personal experiences of giving birth and helping others give birth. She was always calm and attentive to our needs both physically and mentally. During the birth she was easy to get a hold of and very reassuring during stressful times. She knew exactly when to step in or step back to make the experience fully ours. We both would highly recommend Kristin as a doula and plan on using her for future births.
Gareth and Ashley Emmerson
Kristin Revere was an absolute blessing to have at our birth! During my last trimester, I joined the Sacred Pregnancy group that she was leading at Cedar Tree. Over the course of 8 weeks, Kristin helped prepare me for my natural and intervention-free birth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Kristin was there whenever I needed her. She took wonderfully detailed notes of every moment. She was my rock – even during the times when I couldn’t even talk through a contraction. Just having her presence in the room was enough.  I’m so blessed to have met her!
Tawnya Jesswani
Kristin is an amazing woman. My husband and I were very thankful to have her at the birth of our daughter. She was professional while still being able to connect with us on a personal level. I would recommend her to any woman that is pregnant.
Angela Wiedmayer
I felt like I had someone with us who knew what was going on, that I could trust, making me feel confident to keep pressing forward. Both Matthew and I have said we KNOW we would have absolutely panicked without Kristin. I felt so accomplished, and I would not have felt that way about our messy messy, completely unpredictable outcome, without Kristin. I cannot say enough about the support she provided – going to such lengths as being there with us from 5 am (when labor started), until 10 pm (meeting us in recovery after the c-section). She helped us to process the experience immediately, and after we had returned home. I am so grateful for her support, and definitely plan to contact Gold Coast when I am pregnant again!
Kristin helped us keep calm before and during the cesarean section by talking to us, asking questions and taking photos. She was amazing. A great source of calm energy and support before and during the cesarean birth. She helped even more than I could have imagined.
Lexi and Jeff Zuydedyk
My wife and I were first time parents and needless to say we both were worried and nervous about the birth of our baby girl. My wife brought up the idea of using a Doula during the birth. I had no idea what that was but agreed to meet with Kristin. We both had so many questions about what would happen and what to expect. We asked every question from feeding and diapering to what we should have in our nursery. We are older first time parents and my wife was a high-risk pregnancy. She spent the majority of her pregnancy on bed rest. More importantly we knew that my wife was having a c-section and Kristin went over the different questions we had regarding that procedure. We loved that she could advise us even though my wife would be having a c-section and not delivering vaginally. Working with Kristin was a great experience and we highly recommend her services to enhance your birth experience. We were fortunate to have her with us at the birth of out first and only daughter. From our first meeting, we knew that we wanted her as our doula.
Jonathon and Tabetha Thomas
I never felt like any of the questions that I asked Kristin (day or night) via text were silly or unimportant. Kristin and her birth partner, Ashley, always seemed concerned with helping me to find the answers I needed. But the most unbelievably worthwhile aspect about having doulas was the labor support. Let me say – I knew the importance of having a doula prior to finding Gold Coast – evidenced by the fact that I reached out to them at only 8 weeks pregnant. But I could not possibly have been prepared for the difference having Kristin during my labor would make.
Alexa L.
Gold Coast Doulas was a great hire for me as a first time mom working towards a natural, un-medicated birth. I felt fully supported during pregnancy, labor, and afterwards too. I was not positive what I was signing up for exactly when I hired a doula, but I figured the more help and support I could gather along the way, the better. The physical and emotional support during labor were extremely beneficial (Pressure on my back from Kristin is the only thing that got me through!). We now have a happy, healthy baby boy at home with us  Thank you!
Katelyn L.
If you’re pregnant or know of someone who is, you will not regret having the extra support, unbiased information, and trust that you’d receive with a doula. Ashley and Kristin were both present for the delivery of Olivia! After approx 24 hours of labor, with the help of my dream team, we welcomed our wild and fun bundle into our lives. Thank you, both, for being part of our birth story!
Katie Dykema
As a first time mom, there were a lot of unknowns and fears surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. I had a birth plan going into it and knew exactly what I wanted and preferred, but was scared that things would go horribly wrong or I wouldn’t be able to advocate for myself. Ashley and Kristin gave me the encouragement and resources I needed to go into childbirth educated, empowered to do things my way, and prepare for whatever could happen. I had an idea of a perfect birth experience, knowing that I obviously couldn’t control every variable, but with the help of Kristin, I was able to have an incredible childbirth experience that I will treasure forever! I highly recommend Gold Coast Doulas and will definitely refer all of my pregnant friends to them.
Amy S.
My baby’s amazing birth was due to the outstanding support from Kristin Revere and her birth partner at Gold Coast Doulas. These women supported my husband and I throughout the pregnancy and came to bat with and for us when baby decided it was time to join us in the world. Their advice and referrals during pregnancy were so helpful, and the labor support was incredible. After becoming first-time parents, my husband and I agreed that we could not imagine having gone through the labor without our doulas. I cannot recommend a doula service in general enough, and I could not be more grateful for our doula’s support, knowledge, and guidance during a life-changing time.
Both Kristin and Aubri were great! Always offered to help around the house and checked in to see if we needed anything. Just having another adult around to talk to was great! And as a bonus, they could give us advice and tips about baby care and how to entertain her. Having someone trusted to watch the baby while we slept was amazing. I knew they were up to date on baby care recommendations, which gave me peace of mind.
Jennifer L,