Gina Kraft

Bed Rest Doula

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Supporting families after the arrival of their baby is Gina’s passion. After having her first daughter, she fell in love with all things related to the postpartum season. Her heart is to see families thoroughly supported in a safe, judgment-free environment. She believes parents should have a community surrounding them and building them up. Gina wants to stand with families and help them achieve the vision and goals they desire. She specializes in overnights, infant sleep, adoption support, and has worked with many families with multiples.

Gina has been a ProDoula Certified Elite Postpartum and Infant Care Doula for over five years. She is an overnight doula.

She lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and three daughters.

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Gina exceeded our expectations. I can’t imagine postpartum life without her. She is intuitive, positive, and instills confidence in the most inexperienced and nervous parents. She is like a breath of fresh air entering our home when she arrives.
Gina came at night for six weeks or so to help me get as much sleep as possible. My husband works long and early hours, and I also have a toddler, so getting sleep was paramount to surviving these first few weeks with baby #2
My son and daughter in law are so happy and grateful for Gina’s support. They think Gina is wonderful! Thank you again!  Your services have made a big difference to the stability and happiness of this new family.
Theresa - New Grandma
Gina gave me support while my husband was away during a hard time adjusting to two under two. Gina took care of my baby overnight so I could pump and sleep and give myself some grace and a break. She helped with my 2 year old in the morning by getting him ready, cooking breakfast, and playing with him so I could take care of myself and bond with my baby!
Gina has been warm, kind, and so supportive of us during this precious time. She has provided us with a helpful hand and had guided us when we were not feeling confident.
Gina is incredible. She is so sweet and helpful. I feel like she can anticipate what I need.
For my second baby, the number one thing I was anxious about was the lack of sleep that comes with the first few months. Gina was EXACTLY what I needed. She was calm, collected, and seemed to know exactly what I needed. When I said I wanted to maximize sleep, that’s exactly what happened and Gina took over so that I wasn’t anxious, or worried, or preoccupied with making sure she knew the drill; she just figured it out! Sometimes more help can mean more mental load for moms and that is exactly the opposite of what happened here- so grateful.
Kate S.
I always felt so relieved when Gina came, I knew my daughter was in good hands and Gina was reachable anytime; she truly felt like a member of my village that I would have a hard time finding on my own. People like Gina and GCD are rare and wonderful and I’m forever the lucky one for the gifts I got while hiring Gold Coast Doulas. I don’t know how they do it every week with all the different families but every one of us they work for did something right in life to have them come help us and our babes.
Stacey Vone
Gina was so fantastic! She was able to soothe our baby and keep her safe and sleeping! After the first night I felt confident to just let them be and allow myself to completely rest. I don't even do that when my husband has the baby!
Kait D.