12 Things To Do When You Are Overdue

It can be a struggle to get through the in-between time. Here are some things that West Michigan women can do in the final days of pregnancy. Please note–I did not contact businesses listed below in advance of this post.  Here are 12 Things To Do When You Are Overdue:
1) Grab a smoothie or a fresh juice from SIP Organic Juice Bar  and catch up with a friend. There will never be enough time for adult talk after the baby comes.
2) Go for a swim in East Grand Rapids at the Wealthy Elementary. The water is warm and you can float and get a bit of exercise. There is even a lift to lower you in the pool if you need it.
3) Go for a walk at the Frederik Meijer Gardens. Take some time to relax and literally smell the roses.


4) Pick up a journal at Schuler Books and Music in Grand Rapids. You can grab lunch in the cafe and reflect on your pregnancy

5) Get an adjustment at Thrive  or Back To Health Chiropractic.
6) Enjoy a pedicure at Vasaio Life Spa so your feet look great during the birth. They use Zoya natural nail polish so you can avoid chemicals.
7) Attend a free La Leche League meeting to be around other mothers and hear about their breastfeeding journeys.
8) Get a massage somewhere that allows you to lay on your belly. Salus has massage tables with cutouts for the belly
9)  Pop in for a prenatal yoga session at On The Path Yoga or Armentality.
10)  Enjoy date night even if it is just watching a movie at home and eating takeout from Righteous Cuisine.
11) Head out to Lake Michigan to watch the waves and visualize them as surges during your labor.12) Get some treats at Ryke’s in Muskegon!What did you do during your final days of pregnancy?

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