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Podcast Episode #71: Bedrest Support


What the heck is an antepartum doula?  Well, it basically means bed rest support for mothers who are high risk.  But a bed rest doula can also help families that aren't necessarily on bed rest.  Maybe a mom needs help running errands, finding community resources, preparing for baby showers, putting away gifts, nesting!  Listen and [...]

Podcast Episode #71: Bedrest Support2019-04-23T17:18:12-04:00

HypnoBirthing Baby – Wesley


We love getting birth stories from clients! This is a beautiful story from one of Ashley's HypnoBirthing students. Through all of the unknowns of labor and delivery for a first time parent, this mom describes her birth experience and how relaxing and keeping calm throughout eliminated any room for fear. Wesley Thomas Sarazin was [...]

HypnoBirthing Baby – Wesley2019-04-24T12:45:56-04:00

Podcast Episode #70: Speech Delays and Sleep


Today we talk to Courtney of Building Blocks Therapy Services again about how speech delays affect sleep in older babies.  It's a short one, but packed with good information!  You can listen to this complete podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud. Alyssa:  Hello!  Welcome to Ask the Doulas.  I am Alyssa Veneklase, and I’m [...]

Podcast Episode #70: Speech Delays and Sleep2019-04-11T16:10:34-04:00

Babies! Babies! I could watch these precious babies all day!


Today's guest blog comes from Jessica White of 4D Moments Ultrasound Studio. Who does not love the sweet face of a brand new baby?! A dreamy smile…a big yawn…a goofy open-mouthed grin. Oh, or one of those precious baby stretches where their little lips pooch out and their knees pull up to their bellies [...]

Babies! Babies! I could watch these precious babies all day!2019-04-24T12:47:59-04:00

Podcast Episode #69: Postpartum Fitness


Today we talk with Dr. Theresa, Chiropractor and BIRTHFIT Instructor in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We ask her about what's safe for a pregnant and postpartum mom to be doing and why having a supportive tribe around is so important.  You can listen to this complete podcast episode on iTunes or SoundCloud. Be sure to listen [...]

Podcast Episode #69: Postpartum Fitness2019-04-03T17:56:53-04:00

Your Trusted Birth Team


We all know that becoming a parent is difficult, but most first time parents don’t really have a full understanding of how hard it will be until they’re in the midst of it. They may encounter fertility struggles or miscarriages; they realize that planning during pregnancy takes a lot of work; they have to [...]

Your Trusted Birth Team2019-04-01T21:00:45-04:00

Expert Sleep Tips For Your Child (And You)!


Many of the tips I give parents during a sleep consult for their child apply to them as well. Although a baby’s sleep cycle is different from a toddler’s, and both are different than an adult’s, let’s talk about a few tips that apply to everyone and some that definitely do not! Sleep tips [...]

Expert Sleep Tips For Your Child (And You)!2019-04-01T17:20:08-04:00

Meet our new birth doula, Delena!


We are so pleased to announce to you our newest team member and birth doula, Delena! She answered our customary Q&A so we can get to know her a little better! 1) What did you do before you became a doula? Before I became a doula, I worked multiple positions within the banking industry. [...]

Meet our new birth doula, Delena!2019-04-22T12:24:22-04:00

Podcast Episode #68: Overnight Doula Support


Many of our clients and listeners don't fully understand what overnight doula support looks like.  Kristin and Alyssa, both Certified Postpartum Doulas, discuss the kinds of support their clients look for and how their team of doulas support families in their homes.  You can listen to this complete podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud. You can [...]

Podcast Episode #68: Overnight Doula Support2019-03-26T17:56:10-04:00