Lee Ann Sotok

Bed Rest Doula

Birth Doula

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Lee Ann is originally from Chicago but has lived in the West Michigan area for 20+ years with her husband and their three children. She has always felt the calling to serve, nurture, advocate and empower others.

Lee Ann began a career in Interior Design after graduating from Western Michigan University. Her career has taken many paths from Design, Sales, Substitute Teaching, Advocacy, and Administrative Support & Event Planning – all while managing a household with three children.

She considers herself an ongoing learner. She has a certificate in Advocacy from the TN Developmental Disabilities Council to support her youngest son, who has Down’s syndrome, and others with disabilities. In addition, she has earned a certificate in Leadership from McCormick Seminary (Chicago).

Over the years Lee Ann has supported other families of children with various disabilities. She has advocated for her son and others for appropriate inclusion in areas of education and community activities.

Lee Ann’s interest in birth work began during her own pregnancy and birth experiences, all of which were unique in many ways. She experienced precipitous labor, and fetal distress, and almost had an emergency cesarean for her first birth. Her second birth was happily uneventful and unmedicated. Her third pregnancy included fully medicated bedrest and daily fetal monitoring. When her youngest son was born, he was hospitalized for one week for “failure to thrive”. At three weeks, he was diagnosed with Trisomy 21, Down’s syndrome. And at three months, he was again hospitalized with RSV. Because of her own birth experiences, Lee Ann has a strong desire for women to have positive, supported birth experiences. The miracle of life, pregnancy, and birth is a genuine privilege that she is honored to support physically, emotionally, and as a resource to others. Lee Ann is a Certified Elite Labor Doula and Certified Elite Postpartum & Infant Care Doula with ProDoula. She is also a Certified VBAC Academy Pro. Lee Ann lives in Holland and her interests include healthy living, outdoor activities, travel, Zumba, and anything creative. Most important to her heart are her family and treasured friendships.

Lee Ann’s birth partner is Annette.

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Lee Ann was absolutely amazing and exceeded our highest expectations. Her presence, assistance, guidance, and reassurance was truly invaluable. As first-time parents, we really don’t know what we would have done without her. I cannot overstate this enough! I can’t wrap my mind around the idea of having another child yet but when we do, Lee Ann will be the first person we reach out to and I will recommend her to anyone who is interested. I look forward to working with her more in the postpartum phase as our postpartum doula.
Birth support
Lee Ann is warm, friendly, outgoing, caring, and very easy to feel immediately comfortable with. She worked seamlessly with my husband and I and our entire medical care team in the hospital. It was very clear she was there to help in any way possible and ensure our wishes were heard and understood by all. However, she also knew exactly what a moment called for and when to step back and give us or the medical team space. She gave us space, reassurance, comfort, knowledge and guidance exactly when needed each of those things, and we are incredibly grateful for her technical and emotional understanding of her role. She was able to strike the perfect balance of being supportive and ready to help with anything, but never overstepping our boundaries while always making us feel confident and cared for.
Rachel M., Birth Support
Lee Ann was amazing throughout my labor. She made sure my voice was heard in regards to the doctors. If we were confused with the information, she would help get clarification until we felt comfortable. She always made sure my husband and I had a chance to discuss things privately if we wanted to. She was an amazing advocate in a situation that made me feel extremely uncomfortable. She was constantly reaching out to others in Gold Coast to see if anyone had more information that would help our situation. She was an amazing coach and made sure to give me positive affirmations throughout. I could not imagine going through that process without her in my corner.
Birth Support
Lee Ann exceeded our expectations. Having someone familiar (and a neutral party) during birth was key as medical staff was fluid throughout the day. Lee Ann offered necessary encouragement and advocated for us as we became parents.
Ali & Derek, Birth Support
Lee Ann arrived as my water broke and she assisted in relaxation and provided massage. She assisted in communicating my birth plan with the medical team. She helped me with breathing techniques and reminders of the HypnoBirthing class my husband and I took.
Birth Support
Lee Ann’s professionalism and expertise exceeded expectations. Her personality was a perfect complement to our birth team. We felt confident in her ability to guide us through one of the most intimate and important events in our life, and we definitely would make the decision to have her there again.
John and Danielle H., Birth Support
Lee Ann was the perfect person that we needed in this moment and we are forever grateful for her presence at our birth.
Postpartum Support
On the day of delivery, Lee Ann was in constant communication. She made it clear she would come to us whenever we felt we were ready for her to be there. Upon arrival, she worked hard to guide and support both me and my husband. She worked well and was very professional with the hospital staff. She was always advocating for us to ensure our birth plan and desires were clear with the nurses and doctors. She offered physical comfort and support during surges (holding my hand, pressing my back). She picked up food and coffee for my husband. She was confident and guided me through different labor positions. She made sure to ask for things we might need such as a peanut ball, birthing stool, and warm blankets. She was always checking to see how I was doing and she was respectful of our decisions along the way.
D. Hawkins, Birth Support
I had an emergency c-section that LeeAnn was there for. She was so helpful being there. I had a crazy c-section day – my husband was out of town for work so it was not expected at all that I would go in for an appointment and end up delivering my baby that afternoon. Lee Ann was my support person during the procedure, and after she really did help me stay calm and just try to relax because the whole thing was very crazy and fast!
Birth Support
Lee Ann exceeded our expectations, and we cannot recommend her enough. We are so grateful and thankful to her for the wonderful support. She gave us the much-needed break from newborn childcare to sleep, shower, and reset (something that has made a huge difference in our mental well-being and abilities to parent) while also providing us the peace of mind to know that our son was in very good hands. In providing care to our son, she always had his best interest in mind. She provided thoughtful, attentive, and loving support to him and did all she could to ensure he was appropriately stimulated (setting our play mat for him to start doing tummy time and sideling time), hitting milestones, and cared for. She also took detailed notes and filled us in on what was done while we were not physically in the room so that we didn’t miss a beat. Rachel M., 
Postpartum Support
Lee Ann was not only supporting our son but my husband and me as well. She was there for anything that we might need (physically or emotionally) and was always willing to listen to our struggles and offer helpful advice. She would also check in on us to see how we were all doing before or after our time together.
R.M., Postpartum Support
Working with Lee Ann was incredibly easy. We communicated via phone, text, and email. She was also incredibly flexible in working with us to find a schedule that worked for everyone to provide the services and support we were looking for. She has my highest praise. I cannot recommend her enough!
Postpartum Support
Hiring LeeAnn at Gold Coast Doulas was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. From the classes Gold Coast offered to the support I received prenatal, I felt as prepared for labor and delivery as I could be. When the day finally came and my water broke, things didn’t go how I’d hoped, and my doulas were right there the whole time, supporting and coaching me to help bring my baby into the world safely and comfortably. They made me feel so safe and supported, and I will keep coming back for each of my pregnancies.
Mikaelah S., Birth Support
I would recommend Gold Coast Doulas to everyone! Lee Ann was an amazing support system throughout my pregnancy, during my labor, and in my postpartum journey. She has always been a fantastic resource and was always there to help in any way she could. My labor did not go as expected and having Lee Ann as my doula was the best decision I could have made! Lee Ann was my advocate in the delivery room and made sure my voice was heard. She always made us feel comfortable in any stressful situation we ran into. I don’t know what we would have done without her there with us and there are truly no words to describe how thankful we are to have her as a part of our team. We will be using Gold Coast Doulas services for any and all support in the future!
Nichole S., Birth Support
My husband felt very supported. Lee Ann helped him during pregnancy by educating him on what he could do to prepare. She made sure he knew the plan, answered all of his questions and discussed what to expect when I went into labor. Lee Ann helped him during the labor process by guiding him where to be and what he could do to help. She made him feel like the labor process was our decision. When the decision was made to do a c-section she helped him get prepared for that and kept him calm and felt supported in a very stressful situation.
Birth Support
Our overall experience with Lee Ann was excellent. Anytime we had a question or needed extra support she responded right away and got us the information that helped us. She was very compassionate and supportive of our journey and made us feel extremely comfortable. Lee Ann was so supportive from the moment we met. We liked that she was always there as much or as little as we wanted/needed her. Questions were answered very quickly and she always provided extra links to data or videos that they thought would be helpful.
Birth Support
Having a doula was the best decision to ensure I had the birth experience I was hoping for. It gave me peace of mind from pregnancy to postpartum. Lee Ann from Gold Coast was an amazing resource and support to me and my husband throughout our journey. It was the best investment and I would never give birth without a doula!
Rachel C., Birth Support
Annette and LeeAnn were great, they were very personable and genuinely care about you and your family. Even though we did not get the birth we were hoping for they were both very encouraging and kind. We may have not used them for their expertise during labor but I am glad we had them there for our delivery.
Gold Coast has supported us through both of my children's births and postpartum seasons. I couldn't recommend anyone better. They have been supportive and encouraging throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In particular for this birth process Annette Reed was an excellent doula to us, she added so much more value to our birth experience.
Without a doubt, I would suggest working with a Gold Coast Doulas! From the moment we first met with our doula team (Lee Ann and Annette) we felt heard, understood, and seen. As a plus size woman, it was important to me that I had a labor team around me that understood my desires- mainly that I was allowed to have a labor and delivery that was in my control and one where I did not feel pressured into any decisions based on preconceived assumptions due to my weight. Lee Ann and Annette supported me with this goal and I ended up having exactly the labor and delivery I could have hoped for. Working with Gold Coast Doulas allowed me to feel empowered and safe knowing I had the perfect team surrounding me.
Birth Support
LeeAnn and Alyssa are so fantastic and they were wonderful supports through my entire pregnancy and delivery. They are kind and friendly and so supportive, and helped me make informed decisions when they were necessary.