Annette Reed

Birth Doula

Annette has had a keen interest in birth for many years and spent time working in Obstetrics as an RN. After moving across the country, raising 4 children, and re-entering the nursing world, it was time to return to her first love. She knew she wanted to be able to give more to laboring women than the traditional RN role normally does. She enjoys the connection and relationships between people and providing nurturing care is a calling which lends itself nicely to being a doula.

Annette was fortunate to have doulas with her last two births and had always looked at that profession as a goal for herself at some time in the future. Then, two years ago after having the honor of supporting her daughter-in-law in her first birth, the timing was perfect….the future was NOW!!

Annette is a Certified Labor Doula through ProDoula as well as having had personal experience with VBAC. She is looking forward to furthering her skills with VBAC training as that is very near and dear to her heart. Assisting women and their partners by providing the comfort, knowledge and support necessary to achieve the birth experience they desire is a great privilege and she is very grateful for this with each and every birth. She is excited to provide information, care, calm and reassurance to all laboring women so they achieve the feeling that this birth was designed for them, and it was just as it was supposed to be.

Annette resides in Grand Rapids with her husband and together they have a blended family of 7 grown children along with 5 grandchildren (and growing). Spending time with family is her greatest joy. When the whole “squad” gets together it is a guaranteed fun time. Along with being a Registered Nurse, Annette also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology with emphasis in Fitness/Wellness. The outdoors and all that it has to offer provides great family time as well as time for reflection and rejuvenation. A few of her favorite activities include hiking, kayaking, pickleball, WERQ fitness and traveling.

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Certified Elite Labor Doula badge
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The weeks after my birth were some of the hardest emotionally and mentally. Annette made sure to check in on me and was ready with resources any time I asked for them. She not only is great hands on but there was comfort knowing that she was only a phone call or text away. Her response time is incredible and being the mother, I can honestly say that Annette truly cares for each client she works with. I couldn’t imagine going through this life change without her by my side.
Kathryn (Kali) Tompkins
Her calmness during some of the toughest moments during my labor to the continuing encouragement, she made me feel at peace during my pregnancy. At the times I felt the most vulnerable, Annette was there to comfort me. At the times I felt that I couldn’t go further, there she was with another position change that helped take the pressure of the contractions away for the exact amount of time I needed to know that my body was capable of birth. But most importantly, at the times I wanted to give up, she was there empowering me. Her knowledge of positional changes and labor made my entire experience memorable.
Birth Support
Everyone says that labor is the hardest thing any women will go through and let me tell you, they aren’t lying, but having Annette by my side, I feel like I could go through it repeatedly. I will always recommend Annette as a doula to any family going through pregnancy.
Birth Support
Annette was responsive and extremely helpful when I wasn’t sure of how to feel or if I needed guidance. She also calmed my nerves when I felt like I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my dream birth.
Birth Support
When I say I don’t think I could have done it without her, I mean it. Annette had so many tricks and tips that helped with each surge, my husband felt better knowing she was here. Annette was willing to come when I wanted her to and stayed until I was comfortable after birth. She was an angel and I blessed to have had her. She was absolutely amazing and I will be recommending her to every single mom.
Birth Support
My husband texted with Annette at the start of labor. She beat us to the hospital! Greeted us with a hug and lots of support. During labor progression she was calm, very encouraging, and just what we needed. My husband was so thankful she was there as well. Helped me with my breathing and so kind and gentle.
Birth Support
Above and beyond, we would highly recommend Anette. I love sending her pictures even now after Harper is here!
Ashley, Birth Support
Gold Coast Doulas were an invaluable support during my pregnancy and labor. Annette and Lee Ann’s knowledge and expertise put my husband and I at ease as first time parents. During my labor, Annette helped by providing emotional support to myself and my husband. She helped with suggesting labor positions and counter pressure. She was a crucial member of our care team and we plan to have her as part of our team for future pregnancies.
Birth Support
Annette and LeeAnn were great, they were very personable and genuinely care about you and your family. Even though we did not get the birth we were hoping for they were both very encouraging and kind. We may have not used them for their expertise during labor but I am glad we had them there for our delivery.
Gold Coast has supported us through both of my children's births and postpartum seasons. I couldn't recommend anyone better. They have been supportive and encouraging throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In particular for this birth process Annette Reed was an excellent doula to us, she added so much more value to our birth experience.
Without a doubt, I would suggest working with a Gold Coast Doula! From the moment we first met with our doula team (Lee Ann and Annette) we felt heard, understood, and seen. As a plus size woman, it was important to me that I had a labor team around me that understood my desires- mainly that I was allowed to have a labor and delivery that was in my control and one where I did not feel pressured into any decisions based on preconceived assumptions due to my weight. Lee Ann and Annette supported me with this goal and I ended up having exactly the labor and delivery I could have hoped for. Working with Gold Coast Doulas allowed me to feel empowered and safe knowing I had the perfect team surrounding me.
Birth Support