What’s in my Doula Bag?
April 1, 2016

What's in my Doula Bag?

I often get asked about the contents of my doula bag by clients or other doulas. My bag happens to be a backpack. I have some mementos from my Sacred Doula training which remind me to breathe, be fully present for my clients and that I am fully supported by my peers. I always carry my rebozo from my Sacred Pregnancy training where the legendary Gena Kirby trained us on how to use this traditional fabric during labor. When I am not using it on my clients, it can sometimes warm me up in a cold hospital room. I always have snacks and really love Lemon Luna Bars . I carry LED candles to use in the bathroom when clients want to take a bath or have alone time.

Other items include: a charger for my cell phone, change for the vending machine, my ProDoula labor doula training book for reference, gum, mints, extra socks, Starbucks VIA packets, an extra shirt, a cooling towel, my name tag is a must have item so everyone knows my name and credentials. I also carry some unscented massage lotions and some room sprays.

I have shown up at births with nothing but my purse and it never really mattered. A doula just needs to be fully present..the bag is just a bonus.

Authored by Kristin Revere

Co-Owner Gold Coast Doulas LLC