We love asking our Gold Coast Doulas questions so you can get to know them more. Meet our infant care specialist and postpartum doula, Lynnette Nichols and learn about her inspirations and background.

1) What did you do before you became a doula?
Before I became a doula, I was the manager at Lemon Creek Winery’s Tasting Room in Grand Haven.  I worked there for five years.

2) What inspired you to become a doula?
I saw a segment that Gold Coast Doulas did on Fox 17.  Listening to them describe the role of Postpartum Doulas really moved me to want to learn more.  I have always loved children and supporting other moms; it really does take a village and I have been blessed to have some amazing people come into my life.  I am excited to take on this new career and support families during such an important time in their lives.
4) Tell us about your family?
I have been married to my very supportive husband, Kyle for 14 years.  We have three beautiful daughters; Brookelyn (18), Kaitlyn (17), Jordyn (14).  We are a blended family that has worked hard to make us the solid family we are.  We live in Grand Haven.
5) What is your favorite vacation spot and why? 
 My favorite vacation spot is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  I am originally from Marquette and when I met my husband, I found out he also had a love for the U.P.  It is absolutely beautiful up there and every time I cross the Mackinac Bridge, I am ready for our next adventure.
6) Name your top five bands/musicians and tell us what you love about them.
I really don’t follow certain bands or musicians, but when I hear a song that moves me, I fall in love with it and listen to it over and over.
These are my favorite songs:

Thinking Out Loud~Ed Sheeran

Lost Stars~Adam Levine
Like I’m Gonna Lose You~Meghan Trainor
This Woman’s Work~Kate Bush

Change in My Life~Hope College’s 12th Street Harmony A Cappella Student Group

7) What is the best advice you have given to new families?

No one knows all the answers and no one is the perfect parent.

8) What do you consider your doula superpower to be?

I don’t think I can answer that yet and look forward to finding out.

9) What is your favorite food?


10) What is your favorite place in West Michigan’s Gold Coast?
I live in Grand Haven and absolutely love it.  If I didn’t live here, I’d be here all the time.  If I am not spending time at the beach or on the American Legion deck, I love going to Grand Rapids and enjoying the great restaurants.

11) What are you reading now?

I am reading Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath.  My daughter is considering going into kinesiology and nutrition; she recommended the book to me.

12) Who are your role models?
My role model has always been my Grandma.  She is God loving and humble, firm but gentle at the same time.  I soak in everything she says and hope that I am half the woman she is and that my children and grandchildren love and respect me as much as I do her.