Lisa Newhouse, Birth Doula

Birth Doula

Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Lisa was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan and continues to live in Grand Rapids with her husband, youngest daughter, and 2 pets. She always had a passion for helping others and graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy in 1991 and a masters in Higher Education in 2015. Lisa is a Certified VBAC doula through VBAC Academy and a Certified Elite labor doula through ProDoula. She also is a Community Breastfeeding Educator through Birth Queens, and is Rebozo trained through Gena Garcia-Kirby. Lisa completed a Spinning Babies training in 2022. She is certified HypnoBirthing Specialist and teaches HypnoBirthing Classes through Gold Coast Doulas.

Her journey to the doula profession began with her own pregnancies and birth experiences. She has three children and during her pregnancies she faced severe hyperemesis, contributing to increased fear and nervousness. Due to medical reasons, she was also induced with all three of her children, adding to her apprehension. Everything turned out beautifully with all her children, but her lack of support during this period continued to cast a shadow over her experience and sparked a desire to support women during this process.

Her path to being a doula took a while, but she now feels that this is the right time to pursue this wish that never subsided. She believes that each birth experience is unique and wants to empower women to feel safe, secure, and in control so that they can make the choices and decisions right for them. Becoming the author of their birth stories.

During her free time, she enjoys spending her time with family, and friends and connecting with her community. Her favorite activities include traveling, cooking, knitting, reading, and working out.

Lisa is a solo doula with Gold Coast.

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Hiring Lisa to be with us was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I think of those long hours, I remember her kind support, and steadfast encouragement.”
Lisa was great and supportive, especially to Katie. She loved phisical touch/work to get her feeling good.
Kevin and Katie
Lisa was a rock star! She helped with every small detail and we are so happy to have her.
Lisa feels like part of our family after playing such a key role in the experience of bringing our baby into the world. I wish we were planning to have more babies just so I could work with her again!
Julie Walser
Lisa and Kristin were absolutely amazing!!! I had a positive, empowered and healing birth experience and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be this way without their support, encouragement, nourishment, care and involvement. I’m glad we choose them to be part of our birth team. They exceeded our expectations.
Montserrat Rosales Osoria
The support of Gold Coast and Lisa Newhouse was the reason I was able to have the birthing experience I dreamed of. My husband and I felt confident and ready for our baby to come. When she did we felt completely supported and prepared. I think everyone needs the support of a doula when they are pregnant.
Nicole G
Our Doula was Lisa, and she was WONDERFUL! Since we knew this was our last baby I wanted to make sure it was the best experience possible and I'm so glad we had a doula! She provided the extra support we (I) needed prior to, during, and after labor/delivery. She helped educate us too on what was happening during labor and was an advocate for us so we didn't feel overwhelmed with decisions. I ended up being induced which I wasn't thrilled about, but she helped me make it as much of the natural labor I was hoping for anyway. My husband and I felt supported every step of the way and had such a better experience than we would have without her.
I am so glad I found Gold Coast Doulas! Lisa was an absolute godsend when it came to the birth of my baby girl! I took her hypnobirthing class leading up to my due date and hired her as my birth doula. It’s very clear she cares about what she does and gives her heart and soul with each birth. My birth didn’t go exactly as I had planned, but it was exactly what I needed it to be thanks to Lisa! I’m truly grateful to have had her be part of my birth, especially as a first time mom. Thank you Lisa!
Amie B.