Kelly Wysocki-Emery

Breastfeeding Support

Kelly Wysocki-Emery, RN, MSN, IBCLC started her journey in 1994, helping mothers learn about breastfeeding as a birth and postpartum doula and certified lactation educator.  She returned to college in 1995 and became a registered nurse and subsequently an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  In 2004, she started her business, baby beloved, where she offered lactation consults in-home and in her office/boutique shop where she also sold nursing bras and even offered several baby-centered classes.

Currently, Kelly sees breastfeeding clients at six different pediatric offices and in the home setting. She also offers breastfeeding and pumping classes. She has a long standing teaching career and is eager to help families gain confidence in the normalcy of breastfeeding, while still getting prepared to handle any hiccup that may come along the way.  She has supported over 12,000 families and would love to support yours!

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After 3 hours with Kelly I went from knowing practically nothing about breastfeeding to feeling prepared and confident. Breastfeeding is far more complicated than it looks, but I now have knowledge to help me and baby be successful.
Meghan, Breastfeeding Class
I learned a lot about baby’s latch, managing my milk supply, and what to expect of both myself and my baby in the early days. I feel like I have a good idea of how breastfeeding is going to work for me even though I have no experience. I learned about hormones, anatomy, baby’s instincts, reading baby’s cues, and ways to make sure we are comfortable during breastfeeding, which helps me understand how baby and I fit together on multiple levels. I also learned about many of the challenges that may arise, what to look for, and when to ask for help.
Breastfeeding Class
As a first time mom I would highly recommend the breastfeeding class via Gold Coast Doulas. The class will help all moms and dads navigate how to successfully get a head start in their breastfeeding journey. It was nice to receive information through a licensed IBCLC – we have an overwhelming amount of information coming at us and to have the opportunity to speak and learn from a professional gives me peace of mind.
Kayla, Breastfeeding Class
I was so nervous about breastfeeding because it is such a big part of newborn caretaking, but now I feel a lot more confident and prepared.
Breastfeeding Class
I loved this breastfeeding class because it answered many questions I had and gave me the confidence I needed to really tackle this as a first time mom!
Breastfeeding Class