Kristin "Kay" Vorce

Bed Rest Doula

Sleep Consultant

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

As a mother, Kay empathizes with the overwhelming amount of information that’s available in the vast realm of baby sleep. So many opinions, options, and philosophies to balance. The truth is when we’re tired, everything is harder. Kay remembers searching Google late at night, exhausted and desperate for any tidbits to help her baby sleep longer than 2 hours. She thought, “ I’m so tired, I just wish I could have someone tell me what to do and where to start.” After a positive experience with a sleep consultant, she became passionate about offering personalized sleep help to exhausted parents and became a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant herself.

While working with clients on baby and toddler sleep, Kay saw a great need for more physical and emotional support for families in our community. Many parents barely had the emotional and physical reserves to carry out a sleep plan for their baby, let alone make a sandwich or fold a load of laundry. This led her to become a ProDoula Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. If you’re tired, Kay is your girl! She understands the importance of meeting each family where they are in their parenting journey and the need for tailored support and guidance. As both an experienced mother and stepmother, Kay understands that each family is unique.

Kay received her bachelor’s in science from GVSU in 2005, and worked for over 10 years in the field of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation as a recreational therapist. This experience enabled her to work with people from different walks of life, cultures, and experiences. She is a skilled communicator and adept at looking at the big picture and setting up feasible goals to achieve results. She knows firsthand that a goal and a plan must work for someone’s unique circumstances, and she prides herself in having a nonjudgmental and empathic approach to all the families she works with.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, natural health and nutrition, and leading bible studies at her church.

Kay is an overnight doula.

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Kay was amazing! Every interaction with her was productive. She was so helpful and available to us when we needed her most. She tailored a sleep plan that fit our son perfectly. He is now sleeping for 2 hrs during his nap when before it was only 30-40 minutes. I would recommend this service to anyone struggling to get their little one to sleep.
Amber G., Sleep Consultation
Our experience was nothing short of excellent! I was very hesitant to hire a consultant since I’ve heard from other moms about their bad experience but Kay was so kind and caring.
My patient who used Kay for sleep training had nothing but great things to say. She was so thankful for your services! The baby is sleeping through the night and was waking 20+ times per night just a few weeks ago! Mom was almost crying in my office she was so happy. Thank you for everything!
M. Mouser - Physician’s Assistant,
Sleep Consultation
Our sleep consult with Kay far exceeded our expectations. It is a night and day difference of where we were 2 weeks ago. We have a sleeping, healthy, happy baby.
Sleep Consultation
Although, we knew what services Kay. provided we weren’t quite certain how we would achieve our goals, how long it would take, or how we would navigate the transitions emotionally. We were very surprised at how well our baby adapted to the plan. After a few days it’s safe to say our expectations were exceeded by the attentiveness and personal service Kay provided. She helped us troubleshoot and we are happy to say that by the end of our two weeks we have a well adjusted, sleeping 5 month old. We hoped for that but weren’t sure we would get it based on our daughter’s temperament. As a family we are all sleeping through the night and couldn’t ask for anything more from the services Kay provided. If you like sleep and aren’t getting enough of it, don’t wait, just do it, hire the support. You won’t regret it.
Heidi H.
Our experience with Gold Coast Doulas was great! Kay was very supportive and taught us simple changes that made a huge impact for our baby.
My husband and I were hesitant and were not sure our baby was ready for sleep training. Kay taught us practical techniques to help settle and resettle our baby.
M. Ryder, Sleep Consultation
Sleep training with Kay made a massive difference. We are all more rested, peaceful, and relaxed. My husband and I are sharing a bed again for the first time in months. Baby is happier and calmer, and also I just feel so much more in control of what is happening.
Sleep Consultation
My experience with Kay was wonderful, she exhibited patience, flexibility, and consistency with providing support to my family. I felt understood and heard throughout the conversations via email, telephone, and on the journey logs.
Sleep Consultation
Our sleep consultant, Kay, was incredibly flexible and understanding. She helped us understand age-appropriate sleep training techniques, and encouraged us along the way. She was readily available to answer our (many, many) questions. We feel more confident in helping our daughter sleep well and we are all getting better, healthier sleep after working with her!
Stacy Williams, Sleep Consultation
We feel more knowledgeable and equipped to help our baby with better sleep habits. She has healthier sleep patterns and we are getting better sleep too.
Sleep Consultation
Kay exceeded our family’s expectations. We weren’t certain how it would go, since our daughter was so young when we started working with Kay. However, she helped us understand age-appropriate expectations and encouraged us in flexibility along the way.
Sleep Consultation
Kay was very flexible and understanding. She was willing to talk us through the different scenarios we were coming across and helped us understand how the sleep training philosophies fit into what we were experiencing. She never judged us or made us feel like we were doing anything “wrong.” She is very adaptable to the needs of the family.
Sleep Consultation
Initially we did a two-week program with Kay where she walked us through each day via the online journal. Then, a few weeks later, when we hit a wall, we reached out again for a week of email support. Both experiences fit our needs at the time. Initially we needed much more hands on, time-sensitive help. She walked us through each day and helped us shift and navigate different scenarios. The week of additional email support helped us feel supported in utilizing the techniques she taught us previously.
Sleep Consultation
Kay was super helpful, professional, and prompt but also really kind and encouraging. It was so nice to have someone to troubleshoot with, and she was super knowledgeable also.
Sleep Consultation
The experience exceeded our expectations. Kay was more available and spent more time with me than I expected, and while I thought my son’s sleep would improve, I didn’t expect to be as far along as we are after 2 weeks!
Sleep Consultation
We had a great experience! We met our sleep goals and it’s made such a difference overall. We are so much more rested as is our baby. Kay was professional, kind, and super knowledgeable and spent lots of time with us. The plan she gave us was easy to follow and she was available to help us troubleshoot. Would thoroughly recommend to any one.
Melissa C., Sleep Consultation
Kay cared for my baby as if it was her own. She was extremely professional, kind, and compassionate. She also cared for me and my postpartum needs. I was able to catch up on sleep know my baby was in the best hands possible!
Postpartum Doula
Kay has been a great help and a calming presence! She helped us get our twins on a good eating and sleeping schedule.
Postpartum Doula
She gave us piece of mind and MUCH needed sleep!
Postpartum Doula
Kay saved my husband and I from breaking down and going crazy since we couldn’t figure out a gentle but consistent approach to helping our 19m old learn to sleep well through the night! The information we received was clear and tailored to our son and our specific circumstances. Kay is smart and kind and collaborative 🙂 I cannot express enough how happy I am to see my son make such improvements and to have such a better understanding of sleep and schedules and development of a little one.
Angela Veltkamp
I’m totally blown away by Kay. I’m so glad we went with her and would refer her to anyone needing help. She is brilliant and so helpful.
Sleep Consultation
Both Kay and Jessi were great! Jessi helped me with some breastfeeding issues I was having, and Kay gave me some great feedback on sleep. I felt comfortable with them taking care of my baby while I was sleeping and they did a wonderful job caring for him.
Sleep Consultation
Our daughter was 5 months old when we reached out to Gold Coast Doulas for support. I was very tired and looking for doula and sleep training support and Kay was able to offer both of those to our family. She took care of our daughter overnight which gave me the chance to get a good nights rest. Also, we worked with Kay on a sleep training plan and after two weeks, our daughter is sleeping so much better and we are too. I was blown away by how effective everything worked and could not have done this on my own. I highly recommend reaching out to Gold Coast Doulas if you're a new parent looking for support with your little one.
Krista McNamara
We absolutely LOVED Kay! She listened so intently and also showed empathy. We would 1000% recommend Kay - she was amazing!
Kay taught us how to be good parents — she helped us learn hungry cues, sleepy cues, and overtired cues and how to help our daughter in each situation. She eased my post-partum anxiety about so many things as a new parent. I cherished the times she would bring my daughter to me in bed to breastfeed at night, while Kay would sit in the edge of our bed and talk to me about whatever I needed to discuss or ask questions about. My husband was also very grateful for her advice and her presence.
Kay was a breath of fresh air for us where we could finally come up to breathe. She brought such peace to our home during an intimate and vulnerable time. Her presence alone makes a room more comforting, not to mention her incredible knowledge and skills. She went above and beyond for us and was our sleep angel and sounding board. I could exhale in the morning when I came out after a night she had been there. She taught us so much and was so empowering. What a true gift she was to us.
Postpartum Support
I went into this pregnancy knowing that I would want postpartum doula support, specifically for nights after we brought our first baby home, and I could not be more pleased with Gold Coast. As a first time mom, I honestly had no idea what I was doing 🙂 Our Doulas - Kaytlyn, Kristin M., Mia & Kay felt like having your best friends help you out overnight that also happened to be baby experts. Postpartum can feel like such a lonely and isolating time, and they truly made me feel like I had a great support system around me and that I could get through anything (and we did have some challenges with our little girl early on). I can not thank the girls enough for their support and knowledge - I couldn't have done it without them!!
I just have to give a massive shoutout to the Kay at Gold Coast Doulas that made the nights during those first months with my twin girls so much more manageable. She's the epitome of warmth, professionalism, and knowledge all bundled up into one amazing person. From the moment we met, I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. Her friendly demeanor instantly put me at ease, which was no small feat considering the sleep-deprived fog I was in. I can't recommend Gold Coast enough to any new parent out there in need of a helping hand during those early months. They're worth their weight in gold!
Samantha G.