Jenee Claridge

Postpartum Doula
Bed Rest Doula

Jene`e is a proud mama to seven amazing children, and as each child is different, so were each of her birthing experiences. Each of these experiences ultimately inspired Jenee’ to begin a journey to bring more awareness, knowledge, and support to the birthing community. She has a passion for health, wellness, and natural solutions, and she has found so much joy in becoming a doula.

Your birth story you carry with you forever.  Her goal as your doula is to empower you and your choices, and to make your journey positive and special. She would feel honored to support you and your family in your journey.

Jene`e felt a passion for postpartum work after reading The First Forty Days, the essential art of nourishing the new mother, while she was pregnant with her 7th baby. She was inspired to make more mamas aware and supported in their postpartum journey. It should not take a mama 6+ babies to find out this essential knowledge.

They moved from Henderson, NV, to Traverse City, with their five littles, at the end of 2020. Their family made the move in complete faith that new adventures and opportunities would bless their decision.

Her family loves the outdoors including: the beach, fishing, paddle boarding, boating, sports, snowboarding, skiing, sledding. sunrise, sunset, and the moon.

Jene`e serves Northern Michigan postpartum doula clients and focuses on Traverse City. She offers daytime support only. 

Jene`e is a certified postpartum doula through Doula trainings International.  

Jenee Clardige headshot for Gold Coast Doulas wearing a blue top
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