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Jade Sanchez - CED-PIC

Bed Rest Doula

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Jade came to Gold Coast Doulas from Tampa, Florida with an extensive background in customer service and healthcare. Her work as a medical assistant pulls strengths from her ability to work with diverse populations backgrounds and ethnicities. Jade’s professional background working in Fortune 500 companies afforded her the opportunity to perfect her customer service skills. As a result, she is warm, friendly, eager to help and provide parents with any information they might need. As a postpartum doula she is caring, attentive and loving. Her clients appreciate her calm and nurturing presence. She wholeheartedly enjoys spending time with new mothers and their babies. She especially loves helping people achieve their personal postpartum goals and providing reassurance to new parents navigating life at home with a newborn. Her focus is on helping the new mother regain her strength while bonding with her new baby and coping with the new addition. Her goal is to help new mothers and provide them with the opportunity to rest and recuperate after their birth so that they can enjoy their baby much more. 

Jade loves tuning into each family to assess the kind of nurture and support that will serve them best in the fourth trimester, whether that’s breastfeeding help, household support, or a compassionate listening ear.

As a woman of color in this profession, Jade is passionate about addressing the Black Maternal Health Crisis and it is a calling for her.

When not with clients, Jade can be found enjoying a good home cooked meal or outdoors with her fur baby and partner. During her downtime she watches videos and listens to library books ranging from infant care to self-care. She is happy to suggest educational videos and books to help understand the postpartum journey and provide encouragement to families along the way. Jade is a certified elite postpartum and infant care doula with Prodoula.

Jade resides in Ludington and serves clients in West Michigan and Northern Michigan.