Endira Davis

Birth Doula

Bed Rest Doula

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Endira has demonstrated a passion for pregnancy, birth, and childcare since she was a young child. As a ten-year-old, she studied hundreds of pages of pregnancy and childbirth manuals, constructing detailed posters illustrating every stage of pregnancy and thereafter. 

Fast forward many years, Endira has invested her energy in showing up for families as they transition into parenthood. Endira is an Elite Certified Labor, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula offering support through pregnancy leading up to the birth and all that comes after. She prides herself in being able to adapt to the specific philosophies of each family she is serving. 

When Endira partners with a family, she brings a sense of well-being to those around, along with empathy, diligence, and attention to detail. She has a great sense of humor and is able to put people at ease in the face of both known and unexpected stresses and anxieties that do naturally come. Endira values differences of opinion and approaches to making things run smoothly. While she is flexible, she is also consistent and dependable.

Originally from upstate New York, Endira moved to Grand Rapids in 2019 to be closer to family and new opportunities. If she’s not offering birth/postpartum support, you will find her searching for the best local coffee shop, enjoying a refreshing swim, or planning her next  adventure. Above all, Endira feels called to her work as a doula, seeing it as a sacred trust; it is an honor to be welcomed into people’s homes and lives in such an intimate way.

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I had no idea that one person could impact my postpartum  journey as much as Endira did. She turned a stressful, high tension period in my life, into an enjoyable and fun one! She eased many of the concerns I had as a new mom and for that I will be forever thankful!
As soon as Endira entered our home, she lifted our whole family’s spirits. She supported my postpartum journey with kindness and warmth. As a new mom, there were many skills that Endira taught me that I still use today with my baby.
Endira has been great in caring for the babies and communicating updates about how they did overnight. Endira exceeded our expectations!
Endira was wonderful! She was so kind and caring. She is a natural with babies and seems like she was destined to care for little ones. Endira exceeded our expectations. She really helped our family when we needed it most.
Working with Gold Coast Doulas (specifically Kristin M. and Endira) was a game-changer following the birth of our second child. My mental health improved because I felt supported while I was parenting alone and adjusting to having 2 children. I believe a postpartum doula's support is one of the most important investments you can make as you and your family adjust.
Kristina R.
Endira was absolutely amazing. The second she walked in the door I felt a sense of calm and knew I would be taken care of. She was so relaxed and professional. Overall Gold Coast Doulas was very responsive and professional. Would love to use them again.
Endira is amazing and I'm grateful for the care and assistance they provided throughout my postpartum journey. Endira was extremely empathetic and affirming. They made me feel seen, heard, and valued no matter what I had going on, and they were always happy to jump in and help.
Endira was incredibly responsive, informative, and helpful. She was just amazing. She provided the emotional support and encouragement I had been hoping for. Giving birth for a first time is scary, and I had a long labor (including c section), but she remained right by my side the whole time. I love her very caring and supportive nature along with her great knowledge base. She would be wonderful for postpartum care as well, which is what she specializes in.
Jenna A.
If you’re thinking about hiring a doula, but aren’t quite sure, this is your sign to do it!!! I can’t express enough how worth it it was to have the support of Gold Coast during our labor and delivery experience. Their expertise, support, encouragement, and help made all the difference in the birth of our second child. I would not consider having another baby without hiring them again, and I want to tell everyone to go out and get themselves an awesome doula team!
Jesse M.