Cami Lamer

Breastfeeding Support

Camilla Lamer, RN, IBCLC graduated from Western Michigan University/Bronson Hospital. Cami started out working in Surgical Critical Care and ended up working with pregnant moms, encouraging natural birthing methods as a Labor & Delivery RN. She also worked in the Special Care Nursery, admitting and caring for preterm infants and babies struggling to adjust to the outside world, or babies who were sick at birth. She also worked in the postpartum department where she fell in love with empowering mothers and babies to breastfeed on their terms.  

During this time, Cami birthed and breastfed two children of her own.

In 2001, Cami completed her studies and was accredited as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  Cami has vast experience from inducing lactation for the adoptive mother, to assisting preterm infants from initiation of breastfeeding and transitioning to full breastfeeding. 

Other areas of experience are restriction of the lingual frenulum, lip tie, cleft lip, overactive letdown, difficult or painful latch, and maximizing milk production due to breast reduction or other diagnoses such as Poly Cystic Ovary disease. 

Whatever you need, Cami is here to encourage you through the pathways of nursing your baby. 

Cami was born and raised in West Michigan (Holland/Zeeland) and is committed to her community.

Camilla Lamer posing with her arms crossed


Having absolutely no idea who or where to turn to, I decided to contact Gold Coast Doulas. Tonight has been the most my little guy has eaten in a very long time, and he actually was calm, content, and just wanting to be loved on. I cried. I learned ALOT from Cami tonight and will forever be grateful.
I just wanted to send Gold Coast a message and tell you how grateful I am for Cami and her being so willing to come to our home to help me with my son. She is a great asset to Gold Coast 100%!
Cami was literally an answer to my prayers!
In one home visit, Cami helped me to regulate my oversupply and my fast letdown, coached us through some modifications for the positions we were already using, and helped to calm my fears about not getting my baby enough food by weighing her before and after a feeding. She told me what signs to look for with my child as opposed to shooting for a specific amount of time at the breast, to pay attention to and trust my baby's cues. We could not be more grateful for Cami's calm demeanor, knowledge, patience, and support!
Emily Smokovich