Brielle Friar

Birth Doula

Ever since high school, Brielle has always been interested in birth work. She didn’t know how she wanted to be involved in supporting births, but considered many paths throughout college. During her senior year, she was able to explore the role of a doula during her final capstone class. Brielle designed a doula non-profit as her senior project which allowed her to grow her knowledge of how doulas can support women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Learning all of the new information while doing that project confirmed to Brielle that she wanted to become a doula. 

Other life happenings made Brielle decide to wait on this passion until recently. Brielle became a Certified Labor Doula through ProDoula! She doesn’t want to stop at that though, so she plans on continuing her education by attending additional doula-related trainings. 

Brielle is married to her high school sweetheart since 2020, and they have 3 young children! She also has a yorkie named Bear and a cat named Bambi. During Brielle’s free time, you can find her thrifting clothes and decor, exploring local restaurants & coffee shops, and cooking new recipes for her family to enjoy! 

Brielle grew up and lived in the West Michigan area up until the beginning of 2023 when she moved to California to be with her husband during his Air Force training. They are now back in the West Michigan area, and Brielle is excited to call herself a “Michigander” again!

Brielle Friar - Gold Coast Doulas
ProDoula Certified Labor Doula