Bebcare – A safe monitor for your baby’s nursery
December 22, 2020

Bebcare - A safe monitor for your baby’s nursery

A while ago I recorded three videos about electromagnetic emissions and creating a sleep sanctuary for your child. You can find all three on our YouTube channel. I spoke with Lisa Tiedt, a Building Biologist at Well Abode. She used science to physically demonstrate to us how baby monitors, sound machines, and wifi modems emit frequencies that are unhealthy for our bodies, but especially for our children who are at critical stages of growth and development.

I was recently introduced to Bebcare. Their baby monitors are the lowest emitting monitors on the market. Most wireless monitors emit pretty strong doses of radiation, the same as a microwave, all day long even when the monitor isn’t in use. You can probably find the health hazards in very fine print at the bottom of the manuals from other brands.

What Bebcare has done is create a monitor with 91% less emissions when in use, and when it’s idle there are zero emissions. Zero! It only turns on when your baby cries.

They have a few different monitor options: Bebcare iQ, Bebcare Motion, and Bebcare Hear.

Bebcare iQ is their most sophisticated model with infrared night vision, 360 degree pan and tilt capabilities, lullabies, room temp, breathing sensor (mat sold separately), and white noise silencer. It also has a two-way talking capability so you can reassure your child from afar and minimize unnecessary trips back and forth to the nursery. All this is tracked on an app you check from your phone.

Bebcare Motion is their traditional baby monitor with camera and wireless monitor that works over 900 feet away. It still has a lot of the great features the iQ does including two-way talk, night vision, lullabies, zoom, pan and tilt.

Bebcare Hear is (you guessed it!) an audio monitor. With no video, this monitor keeps it simple and focuses on crystal clear audio over 2,000 feet away. That means you can safely listen to your baby while you’re on the other end of the house. There is a night light, lullabies, and two-way talk on this model as well.

Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with Lisa from Well Abode and someone from Bebcare. We will actually be testing one of their monitors and talking about our results, asking questions to the Bebcare team, and talking about practical uses for the different monitors. Let’s find out how Bebcare stands up to the competition!

If you’d like to purchase one of Bebcare’s monitors, use discount code goldcoastdoulas at check out or just follow this link to receive 10% off!