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Audra, born and raised in Grand Rapids, always knew that her career would involve helping and supporting others. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders and received her Masters Degree in 2013 in Speech Language Pathology.

Audra gave birth to her daughter in January 2020. Initially, she was terrified of what labor would look like. By chance, she learned about Gold Coast Doulas and after doing her research, she hired a birth and postpartum doula as well as took the HypnoBirthing Series and Saturday Series with Gold Coast. Audra was able to feel empowered during labor and delivery and looks back on it as one of the most beautiful experiences she has had.

With her calming attitude as well as her passion for mindfulness and meditation, Audra is excited to help support women and their partners throughout their pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Audra is a Certified Elite Birth Doula and Certified Elite Postpartum and Infant Care Doula with ProDoula. She is also a trained and certified VBAC Pro through the VBAC Academy.

She currently lives in Alger Heights with her husband, daughter, and 2 dogs.

Audra now offers baby registry consultations.

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Audra was amazing during the labor process and I am not sure I would have been able to have a natural birth without her. Audra was attentive and helped me listen to my body. She kept me motivated to stay with my natural birth plan. She helped me get into better positions and reminded me to BREATHE when I didn’t think I could take it any longer. She started off with gentle massage and then helped me labor a majority of my intense periods in the tub. She was excellent at reading what I needed and listened to me when I wanted to go a different direction. She even took pics of the birth, which allowed my husband to just be present in the moment! She was a great support to my husband as well. Being first time parents, neither of us knew what to expect. I am very happy that we decided to hire a doula for our birth experience!
Ashley P., Birth Support
Audra was amazing and attentive to my pregnancy and birthing wants and needs. She kept great communication throughout my pregnancy by being positive and caring. She made me feel like I could take on the world! That was exactly what I needed to get through my final weeks of pregnancy. Being pregnant with my first, I did not know what to expect!
Birth Support
My husband said he didn’t know what to do while I was going through labor and was so thankful Audra was there to guide us!
Birth Support
Audra was such necessary support throughout the whole process. She would check in with me during my pregnancy, send me affirmations, remind me that I’m doing amazing, would answer all my questions, and if she didn’t have answers she would send me trusted information to help me get answers. During my labor, she was checking in with us for updates, and when I was ready for her to come in to help with my lower back pain she was there within the hour. She relieved my back pain with stretches and graciously massaged my lower back for me to no end. She guided me and my husband through what a C-section will be like so when we ultimately ended up having to go that route, we were not so surprised by the chaotic energy of the room when it was decided. And lastly, she stuck around until we got to our postpartum room to see how it went and to make sure we were okay.
Birth Support
Audra was an amazing support before, during, and after birth. I really feel she they helped advocate for me during the process.
Ashleigh D., Birth Support
My husband felt supported too. He was right there beside Audra breathing through every contraction with me!
Birth Support
I had a really long birth process and Audra was with me the entire way. She was an incredible part of my experience.
Birth Support
I could talk endlessly about everything she did for me, baby, and my husband but these are just some of the highlights. Her service was worth it and I know if and when we go down this road again, I’ll be having Audra by our side once again. She was the best support we could’ve had for our journey and we are forever grateful for that. Her calm, comforting, positive, and always encouraging nature was exactly what we we needed while we were going through all the ups and downs of trying to kick start my labor.
Julie K., Birth Support