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Aubri DuVall, CD

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Bed Rest Doula

From a young age, Aubri loved being near children, she always gravitated towards them at every function she attends, with a smile on her face and joy in her heart! She would be one of the first to ask parents, “How can I help?” and to dive right in.

At twelve, Aubri began caring for the neighbor’s children, and by the time she was fifteen she was seeking out more child care opportunities. Her first job, she was surrounded by children as young as three up to thirteen years of age at a gymnastic center for weekend help. On Sunday’s she can be found in The Kids class being in the nursery with the young babies,or teaching in the three to five year old classroom.

In early 2023, Aubri was asked a few times, after seeing her passion for kids, “Have you considered becoming a doula?’ With much encouragement from family, friends, and a few doulas in her social spheres, Aubri dived into learning more about what a doula was, she fell in love with the job and wanted to pursue the profession. She then began the certification process, and is certified as a post-partum and infant care doula with Prodoula.

Aubri is passionate in her life about loving people, caring for those around her and pursuing the idea of perpetual growth. She wants to take the idea of “love, care and grow” where she would love each client as they are, care for their needs and help families grow in the goals they have. Ultimately create a space where families are heard, feeling comfortable, and at ease as they welcome a new baby home.

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