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Birth & Postpartum Doulas in Grand Rapids

Welcome to Gold Coast Doulas, and congratulations on the new, or soon-to-be new, addition to your family. We are thrilled you stopped by!

Having a baby and transitioning into parenthood is an essential period in your life where what seemed like indulgence actually becomes a necessity. Throughout pregnancy and the immediate postpartum phase, it is crucial to engage in self-care, prioritize your health and well-being, focus on nourishing and hydrating your body, and take the time to rest and unwind. It would be wonderful if life would pause and make this phase effortless, wouldn’t it? We are here to help make it a little easier for you.

You are literally nurturing a new life within you, and you deserve exceptional and necessary support to ensure the best possible outcome.

That is why Gold Coast families turn to the birth and baby experts of Gold Coast Doulas. They need support, and only the best will do for them. Gold Coast Doulas is a full-service doula agency providing a robust menu of services to meet the needs of growing families on the Gold Coast of Michigan.

Whether you are looking for childbirth education classes, doula support for your birth and/or postpartum periodlactation support once your baby arrives, sleep consulting, or you seek support with household tasks during bedrest, the birth professionals of Gold Coast Doulas have you covered!

Contact us today to speak to an expert about your upcoming birth and postpartum needs.

Kristin Revere

Kristin Revere - MM, CED-L

Birth Doulas

Intimate, personalized, real-time support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, during your birth, and while you explore your baby during the “golden hour” post birth.

Postpartum Doulas

Reap the rewards of restorative, and stress-reducing care as you begin the exciting, but often challenging, transition into parenthood with daytime and overnight support for the family.


A convenient 6-week, online course to reduce fear and gain confidence in pregnancy, labor & delivery, and those early weeks postpartum. Learn communication tools, resources, feeding options, and sleep tips.


Individualized sleep solutions customized for your family. Plans are based on your child’s age, your parenting philosophies, and the goals that define your sleepy time wishes.

Saturday Series

Boldly face labor with our comfort measures class, gain confidence with our breastfeeding class, and care for your baby with our newborn survival class.


By initiating and utilizing deep levels of relaxation, this comprehensive childbirth course will equip you to release fear and tension in order to have a more satisfying, and empowering birth experience.

If you’re ready to learn more about the support of a Gold Coast Doula, and we certainly hope you are, contact us today!