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Mia Travers

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Mia is a highly dedicated and compassionate birth and postpartum doula trained through Doula Trainings International, who is committed to supporting individuals and families on their journey towards an empowering birth and postpartum experience. With a profound understanding of the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of birth and postpartum, Mia’s mission is to ensure that everyone she works with feels empowered, informed, and supported throughout this transformative chapter of their lives.

As a mother of two and a loving wife, Mia brings her firsthand experience and deep empathy to her work. She discovered the role of doulas after the birth of her first child and she has felt called to become a doula ever since. She has had 2 hospital births, one with and epidural and one induction with no epidural. Mia faced lots of anxiety in her pregnancies as well as postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her eldest son. She understands the unique needs and challenges that come with welcoming a new life into the world, and she is passionate about providing unwavering support to mothers, partners, and families. Mia firmly believes that every individual deserves to have their birth dreams realized, and she strives to make that a reality for all who seek her guidance.

With a warm and nurturing approach, Mia fosters a deep sense of trust and connection with her clients. Her ability to listen attentively, validate feelings, and offer comprehensive education allows individuals and families to make informed decisions that align with their values and desires. Her non-judgmental and inclusive outlook creates a space where all birthing experiences are honored, regardless of personal choices or circumstances.

Mia is there every step of the way, ensuring families feel safe, nurtured, and empowered during this crucial time. Whatever you need, she is there for you. She will hold your hand, laugh with you, cry with you, and make she you are the most comfortable you can be during these transformative times.

When Mia is not supporting families, she is usually busy loving on her two boys Corbin and Navy. She also enjoys spending time at the beach, being with her friends and playing with her chickens.